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We serve as our clients' "outside general counsel". From due diligence on a target to consummation of a purchase; from establishment of new facilities, negotiation of leases, equipment procurement, licensing, franchising, we serve as the general counsel to our clients. Compliance, tax matters, and yes litigation when necessary.

But how do you grow your business -- is there a need for additional capital? Two basic sources of capital - debt or equity. We've negotiated and "papered" multi-million dollar credit facilities. And if debt is not an option, equity may be the answer. We have been the architect of numerous private placements resulting in the capitalization of start-ups as well as growth companies getting to the next level of commerce. We have significant experience structuring a security that meets the needs of investors as well as growth companies. From friends and family equity raises to multi-million dollar fundings with private equity, venture firms, pension funds and insurance companies - it's what we do.

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