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Business & Corporate Law Attorneys in the Midwest

Owning your own business can provide you with an incredible sense of autonomy and accomplishment. That being said, it likely doesn’t come without its share of headaches. In the business world, legal issues are typically an issue of when not if. Whether you’re a beginner entrepreneur just dipping your toe in the water or a seasoned professional, the rules and regulations of business law can be complicated. Discover how a skilled team of attorneys can advise you on aspects such as entity formation, contract negotiations, and more.

At Niehaus & Kalas LTD, we help clients with business, corporate, and capital planning. Our corporate law attorneys rely on their extensive experience to provide effective representation and personalized care to every client. We're focused on protecting your best interests in and out of court. Contact our office today to learn more about your options. We proudly serve business professionals throughout Ohio, as well as neighboring states.

Meeting Our Clients' Business Needs

We're proud to be a respected commercial law firm in Toledo, Ohio. Our attorneys handle issues affecting every stage of the business development process, including:

  • Business formation

  • Contracts

  • Capital planning, finance and banking

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Private equity

  • Real estate transactions

  • Securities

  • Estate planning

We represent all types of corporations, including publicly traded companies and venture-backed startups. Our team also provides commercial litigation and employment law assistance to businesses across the Midwest.

Choosing a Business Structure

One of the first—and most important—things to consider when starting a business is what form of entity it will be. When choosing which business structure is right for you, be sure to keep three factors in mind: liability, taxation, and record keeping. Our attorneys are prepared to guide you through the entity selection process and explain your options, including some of the most common structures listed below.

Sole Proprietorships

The most common and easy to form, sole proprietorships are businesses run by single individuals for their own benefits. They offer owners complete managerial control. As a sole proprietor, you undertake all the risks of your business and are held liable for all of its financial obligations.

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If you and a friend have recently come up with a viable business idea, entering into a partnership may be a wise option for you. Business partnerships can take one of two forms: general or limited.

In a general partnership, each partner contributes his or her own money, property, labor, or skill. General business partners share in all profits and losses, and they each hold unlimited personal liability for all business debts.

Limited business partnerships involve what their name suggests: limits. When it comes to business debts, each partner is held liable only according to the amount they invested. These partnerships require a certificate filed with state authorities.


A corporation is a legal entity created separately from its owners in order to conduct business. It operates under state law, meaning it can be taxed and make a profit. One of the major benefits of your business’s corporate status is that it allows you to avoid personal liability, as corporations are held legally liable for their actions. However, their disadvantages include the cost of formation and their often extensive record-keeping requirements.


Limited liability companies (LLCs) incorporate the benefits of both partnerships and corporations. In these hybrid business structures, both profits and losses can be passed through to owners without taxation of the business itself while owners are shielded from personal liability. Because of their high level of variability, LLCs require owners to enter into comprehensive operating agreements.

Why Work with Us?

Our attorneys at Niehaus & Kalas LTD. have decades of combined experience in a vast array of business issues. We work together on every case, so you can feel confident knowing you’re receiving thorough legal advice. No matter what stage of business you’re in, we’re ready to help you pursue a successful outcome. Reach out to us for representation anywhere in the state, or in Ann Arbor or Detroit, Michigan.

Business & Corporate Law Attorneys in the Midwest

Whether you’re looking to start a business or need advice on a company-related legal issue, our attorneys are prepared to guide you forward. Get in touch with us at Niehaus & Kalas LTD. for experienced legal counsel. We’ve represented businesses in a variety of industries, giving us the knowledge to help you seek results.